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Let's face it, we're all tired of things taking too long. In a culture accustomed to on-demand delivery of everything from our meals and prescriptions to movies, clothing and [insert literally everything Amazon sells] , the idea of waiting six months for new office furnishings can seem sort of ridiculous.

There's always a lead time on commercial furniture, but extended supply chain issues have tested the mettle of even the most understanding A&D firm and client. Fortunately, we have a solution (don't we always?).

SCI's answer is our new Quick Ship Program: Our showroom now features a selection of top-tier products, ready to ship in as little as two weeks. TWO. WEEKS. That's less time than it takes to buy a house, or book a doctor's appointment. Functional, beautiful, and ready-to-ship chairs, desks, and tables, (like in the photo above), is just an email or a visit away.

We have an entire area at our headquarters dedicated to these quick ship products; stop by to see what we can get for you, stat!

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