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"CAN I COME IN?" | Working From Office Is New Flex

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Despite everything you read, two years into a pandemic that has impacted every part of our lives, workers actually ARE ready to go back to the office. And those that don't are missing out.

In a recent article in the New York Post, Jim Clifton, CEO of pollster Gallup, says the majority of workers want to return in some capacity. The reason? "To collaborate, socialize and make important decisions alongside co-workers."

As workspace professionals, we could have told you that. When we don’t gather, we miss out on a level of communication and connection that’s impossible to replicate on our computer screens. It’s an intangible, hard-to-define difference. Working together, and sharing space is a cultural touch point at its simplest, and a business necessity for many companies.

"Employees are ready for a return to normalcy," says SCI CEO Megan Lanzetta. "People are excited by and leaning into a level of flexibility, but ultimately, spending some time in the actual office is a BIG priority." She continues: "The smart money is on leaders who have already begun making changes to their physical offices, and the results are clear: It works. With the right set up, amenities, and features, people want to come back."

The article goes on to describe the strategies of CEOs whose teams could technically work from home, but who have built environments to entice them back to the office. They're making their spaces irresistible; even the most buttoned-up industries are recalibrating their spaces to include more informal work and meeting spaces (and kitchens filled with high-quality snacks). It's not just about ping pong tables and beer on tap any more- though those things are great. Big events are a catalyst for change, and today, it's about making changes to the physical workspace that better supports new worker habits.

"We think of it almost like the hospitality space," says Lanzetta. "Creating a space where people feel welcomed, valued, and are supported for maximum productivity is the goal."

This is where we come in. We are fielding inquiries every day to help with back to work plans. Our team specializes in space programming and reconfigures, and our quick ship program will help execute your plan quickly. Click here to schedule a visit.

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